It is important to have good mental health

I have recently dealt with a situation that has pushed my mental health to the limit. I am very aware how much of a hot topic mental health is. Everyone should have access to care to help with mental health no matter the issue. Everyone has their issues,

let’s make sure everyone can get the help they need. I am no exception. There is no shame in needing help.


Can you relate? Autism parent rant

The entire time grocery shopping, my middle son decided that he wanted to hit the every sale price tag he encountered. The tag that sticks out from shelves, he had to hit every single one from every aisle yesterday. Autism parents please tell me you relate.

This is how I balance work and home life with special needs kids.

I have been asked many times how I am able to balance everything. I have to make sure the school stuff is all set. I need to make sure specialists appointments are all set. All while trying to maintain my job. I have no choice. It has to get done. So I have my coffee in the morning and wine at night. How does anyone else balance everything?

A Day In The Life

My book is about my family’s journey. This is from the time I got pregnant with my first son until almost a year ago. It raises awareness to Noonan Syndrome and Autism. I hope that I can help and inspire other parents. Whether the child has a disability or not, this book raises awareness. Every parent has good days and bad days, and It’s ok. I hope you enjoy the read and feel inspired. Thanks.